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The software developed by Waddan Systems falls into two broad categories:

  • software used in-house for design and analysis, testing and data reduction and equipment operation.
  •  software that is part of system firmware, and the application software for operating and using the systems.


Rate Table Control Driver (In House Usage)


A TSPIGII IMU board being tested on a rate table is shown in the adjoining photograph. The main table is controlled by a Contraves controller that can control the angular rate about a vertical axis of the table. There is a dividing head sitting on the table that can rotate about a horizontal axis. The mounting fixture is designed to exercise both gyro and accelerometer triads. The dividing head motion is controlled by a stepper motor attached to a centronics port of a standard PC. The software (written in HPVE) allows the dividing head to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise about its axis, and position the board at a commanded orientation.

Drivers for MAGI Modules (PCI Drivers)


The adjoining photograph shows Waddan's MAGI system. As mentioned in the Embedded INS/GPS system section, it consists of several independent Compact PCI modules. Each module has its own system driver, a software that identifies the module to the processor, whenever it is plugged into the backplane. As described earlier, the MAGI system uses a small footprint Linux OS, so the drivers are also written c-language. If the module driver is already loaded, the driver identifies Device ID, Vendor ID, PCI status etc.

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