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Waddan Systems was founded in 1988 as a small research and development company to design, develop, manufacture, and market low cost monolithic silicon sensors. Since its inception, through a comprehensive in-house development program, the company has developed proprietary technologies and customized equipment to fabricate low cost high precision micro sensors and systems. These devices are fabricated in silicon, glass, alumina, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate or nickel employing computer-aided design tools, and totally customized batch processing techniques derived from the IC processing technology. The company utilizes bulk micromachining, surface micromachining, micromolding and laser trimming & welding processes. The greatest strength of the company lies in its approach towards an integrated product development cycle - from design and development through tooling for batch fabrication, wafer processing, in-process evaluation, and automated product testing are all integrated together by a customized development (software package) tool yielding a very short concept-to-product development cycle. For sensors the company operates a wafer fabrication facility handling up to 100mm wafers with a capacity to handle a batch 200 wafers at a time. For sensor support and systems electronics, it produces small custom high tolerance PCBs employing surface mount components as small as 0603. The company has been continuously improving its existing products with a strong IR&D program aimed advancing micro/nano-machining technologies for our next generation products. We are an applied R&D company delivering working solutions for our sponsors.


We apply our synergistic multi-disciplinary expertise to concepts and ideas to deliver total working solution. We go from wafers (our basic raw material) to sensors (our custom components) and mix them with other commercial of the shelf devices to yield a small system (our products) that can either control or provide information to a larger system (with the help of our software). When the customer needs a small volume of finished devices and systems, we handle the production in-house; and if the customer desires larger production volume, we work with commercial partners (helping them with production and tooling advice) to transition our technical solution to a viable commercial production.


Our primary mission is to design, develop, and market advanced synergistic technological solutions for our customers. To gain and provide competitive and strategic advantage in the market place, from the inception we design every product for power efficiency and cost effectiveness. We deliver the customers the biggest bang for their buck. Thus, we pursue excellence in our performance so that we can produce a world-class product, while valuing the environment we work in (by meeting all the EPA mandates). We recognize our employees are our main asset, and their safety is our first concern, so we provide them with proper tools and safe operational equipment.