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System with proper mechanical mounting interface:

In general, a sensing system rarely floats in isolation. Either it gets mounted inside or outside a more complex system or a vehicle or a chamber. It could be mounted using screws and spacers, bonding cement on a mating surface or simply strapped. In general, it requires the following:

System with scaled analog signals for proper electrical interface:

Unless the system is a wireless unit with self-contained battery, it has to be interfaced with outside world. In general, it requires the following:

System with Digital I/O for standard PC serial, USB, Ethernet and parallel ports:

If the system will communicate with a standard PC or a digital device, communication ports or wireless interfaces have to be specified.

Systems with small footprints e.g. PC-104, CPCI, cell phone type or flash drive etc.:

Number of PCBs involved, whether PC-104 or CPCI for future mod compatibly or a small custom size like a cell phone or a flash drive.

Systems with small keypad and/or touch sensitive color display:

If the system needs to be autonomous in operation, a small key-pad or a small touch sensitive color display and small battery compartment is required.

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